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Is Mathematics an invention of the human mind, or part of the fabric of reality?
What is a worthwhile life?
Willful Blindness: Why does man ignore the obvious?
What are the definitions of the word duty?
Asking the Question "Why"? How great leaders inspire action.
Which Age advanced the Cause of Human Evolution furthest? The Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Romanticism.
Is Alchemy a valid modern science?
Freemasonry and Parables: What truth, if any, do parables have?
Freemasonry and The importance of Arguments in a debate: Why is exchanging different points of view so difficult? Do Arguments guarantee that when we argue we are fulfilling a rational duty?
New York
Is Freemasonry a type of Data Warehouse?
Can we hear colors? Can we see music?
What ethical and moral characteristics are inherent in the Lord of the Rings fellowship? Why do we find these characteristics so appealing?
Angels – fact or fiction?
Why should we live a virtuous life?
Aquarius – a new age dawning?
What is the meaning or worth of life and how do you find it in your own life?
What is Allegory?
What is Illustrated?
What are symbols?
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