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Is the soul a metaphor for dark matter?
Is competition or cooperation more in line with exact law in nature?
Is Secrecy or Transparency the more vital component for learning Morality?
What are our roles and obligations to our community as individuals and as Masons?
How and where do the histories and connections of music and masonry intersect? What moral influences of music and masonic ideals have been associated?
Is Freemasonry primarily devotional or intellectual?
Is art inspirational or meaningless?
What is Theosophy and how does it differ from Freemasonry?
Is the Neverending Story a parable or allegory to how we perceive our own lives?
Is time a fundamental property of reality or just the macroscopic appearance of things in our everyday world?
The Elohim - A Fable or Reality? If real, what are the implications for humanity?
What is happiness?
What can we learn from the study of Comparative Religion and Philosophy?
How is the Masonic virtue of charity influential in our lives?
The Dimension of Time within Freemasonry and without: Is time a fundamental property of reality or just the macroscopic appearance of things in our everyday world?
Why is our freedom affected by choice?
How can we learn the true nature of brotherhood?
Why are our memories critical to our sense of well being and how are they influenced?
What is the quest for the Holy Grail?
The Sense of duty. What are the different definitions and interpretations of the word duty?
New York
Willful Blindness - Why do we often ignore the obvious?
Tower of Babel – what is the purpose of language diversity?
Are Temples the embodiment of Man?
What do we think about the subject of death?
How does music impact society?
Is knowledge limited?
Can Co-Masonry which “seeks to aid each of it’s members in their search after truth and light” be compatible with the Skeptical worldview?
Why do fairytales exist?
Freemasonry and Ego: How do you shape your ego?
Do leaders become Freemasons or do the principles of Freemasonry create great leaders?
How does music impact you?
Other Countries
Can humanity resolve any of its problems without first achieving unity of mind, body, and emotions.
How does Freedom related to Masonry, been this one a Ritualistic organization.
What are the principles of Quantum Mechanics?
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